No Garden? Get Growing Indoors with Cute Gro-Pots from Branch


One week it’s sunny and beautiful out, the next it’s a torrential downpour for days in a row; yes, judging by the schizo weather we’ve been having in the Bay, spring is roaring. This time of year always makes me want to sow the land, get my hands in the dirt and get to gardening, but as an apartment dweller, alas, it cannot be. Instead I’ll keep it simple with a few herb pots from local online retailer Branch. These little handmade bamboo containers have everything you need to start growing, so no need to figure out where to store a giant bag of soil in your apartment. And I love that the lid pops off the top and fits on the bottom as a little saucer for catching stray water and dirt. Plus, the whole thing comes tied with a little ribbon, making for a sweet gift to pass on to other garden-less friends this season.


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