Karl Lagerfeld Gets Locked Up


The adventurous designer dabbles in armory.

If you shudder at the possibility of misplacing your Chanel sunglasses (a bigger investment than your last semester of college), imagine the anxiety that must come with the collection of shades, watches, baubles and Donatella-Versace-only-knows what else that is owned by iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld.  

To make sure that his best pieces stay secure, Lagerfeld recently teamed with Döttling, a 91-year-old German safe company, to create a six-foot-tall, 1,760-pound bulletproof jewel box. The chromed finish adds “full-length mirror” to the safe’s long list of features, including a pair of back-lit, handcrafted cases customized for his possessions that slide out of either side once the unit “recognizes” its owner. Lagerfeld named the safe the Narcissus, but perhaps in a fit of modesty and generosity decided to have Döttling manufacture 30 additional safes, which will be exclusively distributed through Lisa Adams’ L.A. Closet Design at the PDC. So if you are looking to lock up your finery, couture-style, you can pick up your very own Narcissus for just $340,000.

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