The Art of the iPad app at SFMOMA


SFMOMA’s new iPad Rooftop Garden app makes sure you and your iPad won’t leave the museum’s rooftop empty headed.

As the good citizens of San Francisco know, the SFMOMA has long used new technology to give museum visitors a more in-depth understanding of the work they feature.  Back in 1995, while most people were still happy cooking dinner or running errands while waiting for a page to load on their new computers, the SFMOMA had already launched a website—proof of their pioneering ways and genuine desire to consistently cultivate a richer museum experience for their visitors.     





Flash to 2010:
With people lined up around the block at the Apple store to get the iPad— Apple’s hottest new gadget—it’s no surprise that the museum has a new app waiting to let SFMOMA lovers experience the Rooftop Garden on a much more sophisticated level.  Much like their already released Rooftop Garden app for iPhone and iPod Touch, the Rooftop Garden app for iPad provides an in-depth tour of the rooftop sculpture garden and features additional social networking features not available on their iPod and iPad Touch version of the app.  In addition to the sort of things one might expect to get from an museum tour, users of the enhanced iPad app get to see other user’s tweets, establishing a new layer of communication between not only visitors to the museum but a much larger network of people. 

You can download the iPad app for free and then run happily to the SFMOMA’s beautiful rooftop garden, have a cup of Blue Bottle at the coffee bar, experience sculptural works by a wide range of artists, check out plans by the architects, listen to interviews and musical responses to the work and see what everyone else is sharing. 

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