Black and White Tabletop Designs


It being the beginning of spring and all, convention would have one planning to add lovely shades of green, pink, and other blossomy hues to the table. And yet, I keep being drawn to tableware of distinctly starker shades.

It was this set of glasses from LA’s TableArt that set me on a black and white kick–the strong contrast and simple pattern looking so modern and grown-up compared to the pastel colors currently flooding the stores.

Anything done in either shade instantly takes on a more sculptural look, no? These little salt & pepper shakers from Jonathan Adler would look perfectly at home sitting on a mantle with other objets d’art when not in use.


And while I’ll no doubt pick up a few brightly colored pieces to warm up my home for the new season, I like that whatever hue I bring home would likely work just fine with these black & white items. They’re a no-nonsense, practical choice that just happens to look exceptionally sophisticated to boot.

Left: Tree Dinnerware 5 piece place setting from Gumps

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