Trend: Fish Scales



This could be one of the last things I’d ever expect to be “on trend”, but if the idea sounds a little, um, fishy to you too, hear me out. These scales are more mermaid-beautiful than fish monger floor-funky,  and they’re popping up in different design forms all over the place.

At top, design*sponge recently featured these tiles from Portland Cement Co. They’re tactile and–I never thought I’d say this about tile–kinda sexy and ethereal all at once.

Directly above, a similar look via Apartment Therapy from designer Maruja Fuentes. Here, a few interspersed pockets can hold plantlife, or you can do an entire wall of them for a full indoor garden.

Also via d*s, a technicolor rug version from Portuguese-based Piodao Group. This is so, so pretty, almost mimicking the rainbow effect on actual fish scales when refracting light.

To get  the trend on a smaller and more affordable scale (apologies for the puns–couldn’t help myself), try the Tetra bowl from Anthropologie. It comes in green and coral, and will only set you back $6.

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