The Ferry Building Heats Up with Heath Ceramics


The San Francisco Ferry Building has become something of a pleasure den catering to the unique fetishes and cult-like cravings of the NorCal urbanite: single-cup-brewed coffee (Blue Bottle), designer chocolates (Recchiuti), local oysters (Hog Island) and the burger-and-fries done right (Gott’s Roadside, AKA Taylor’s Refresher).

And while the Ferry Building has long brought you the feast,  it’s now providing the plates to serve it on as well. And oh, what plates they are. Heath Ceramics just opened up alongside your favorite gourmands, offering their highly sought-after dinnerware, home accessories and tile. The 500-square-foot space was designed by Commune, an L.A.–based interior design firm that also designed the company’s Southern California location. The original factory still turns out the goods in Sausalito, and for those who need a little visualization to get them going, a television monitor in the new space plays a live-feed from the factory. The factory has even tweaked their tour schedule to coordinate with the ferry schedule, so the really hot and bothered can jump on a boat and get their fix in person.

Dare we say the offerings are complete? For now we can sit back and believe all of our earthy needs have been met …that is, until the Alice Waters-run, seasonal, local and organic five-star ice creamery opens up in a stall near you.

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