Black & White Checkered Floors for the Kitchen


I mentioned my newfound obsession with black & white earlier in the week, and needless to say it has yet to ebb. Like all classic combos, the pairing shades have staying power for a reason–namely, they can work in oodles of different design situations, as exemplified here with ever-versatile checkered floors.

Black & white checks might seem dramatic, but it all depends on what you pair them with. Above, a kitchen done mainly in white is a serene space, and the checks add just enough interest to the room to keep it from feeling undone.

On the other hand, in a kitchen with colors and prints competing for attention the checked floors can act not as the star but the background player. They ground the space, along with the white cabinets, for a nice balance of classic and eclectic style.

Pair them with red though if you are in fact looking for that dramatic effect. Here, checks add to the retro charm of this kitchen, yet they’re classic enough to not feel like you’re stuck in a time warp.

How do you feel about black & white checkered floors? Do you have them in your home, and if not, would you give them a go?

Images from top: Carl Dahlstedt for; Lagerlings via Apartment Therapy; Family Living

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