Inspired by Spring Green


Drive a ways outside of any of California’s cities, and you’ll likely be greeted with waves of bright, fresh spring green right now. Thanks to the buckets of rain we’ve been receiving, the surrounding rolling hills of pasture that flank the highways of our state are almost neon in their verdant glow, with leafy trees scattering about looking like happy little gumdrops. It’s all I can do not to try and pluck one up and take a bite.

Yes, spring’s bounty is everywhere, be it edible (have you seen the beautiful asparagus and fresh peas at the farmers’ market lately?) or only seemingly so. And whether it’s making my imagination run wild on a car trip or finding its way into a fresh dish for dinner, there’s no hiding that the color of the season is on my brain. In fact, it’s inspired me to pull a few of my favorite rooms together that feature the color, culled mainly from our Inspiration rooms, and a few from the perennially inspirational Domino (RIP).

Use it sparingly as an accent with pillows or a few well-placed side chairs, or go all out and coat the walls in the most vibrant shade you can find. Either way, a pop of spring green in the home feels about as fresh as a the California countryside after a rain.

Images, from top: Domino, John Ellis for Marjorie Skouras Design,  Matthew Millman for James Demuth, Domino

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