Is It the Dawn of a New Design Movement?


Get in on the Bay Area Bauhaus debate for a chance to win two tickets to AIA SF’s Home Tours.

That’s the question we asked on our May cover. It was inspired by the cover story, which I wrote (Hi Mom!!), about a team of designers, craftsman, artists and architects who are not only doing exceptional work (they include the owners of Heath Ceramics, ConcreteWorks and Erin Martin Design to name a few) but are collaborating with each other in ways that might just be…revolutionary? Sorry for all the questions, but that’s the thing, while writing the story I delved into the histories of past movements, from Arts and Crafts to International Style to Bauhaus, and could find commonalities between each one and what I was seeing happening today. We ended up with Bay Area Bauhaus, because while the tenets—uniting the disciplines, thinking beyond aesthetics alone and sharing responsibility equally—are definitely shared between this new batch of creatives and the  original Bauhaus school, here in the 21st-century Bay Area there are certainly some differences in practice with pre-WWII Germany. (I doubt as many bottles of wine were uncorked during the design and construction of Walter Gropius’s Monument to the March Dead as were for Marin’s Hillside house—it was the first time I was offered a drink as soon as stepped in the door for the interview. Note to future sources: That was awesome.)


As proud as we are of the issue and the comparisons and proclamations we ultimately made, we know the design community must have their own opinion on the matter. Is Bay Area Bauhaus the ideal nomenclature? Is this truly the dawning of a new design movement?

Read the full story here and then post your comment to enter for a chance to win two tickets to this year’s AIA SF Marin Living: Home Tours, which take place May 15, and feature the very home that sparked this debate (as well as four other stunning residences). The best comment wins.

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