From Recycling Bins to Living Rooms: Furniture Made from Post-Consumer Product


The only thing that ever came out of my recycling bin was a pair of “binoculars” made out of old paper towel rolls that I crafted in the first grade. So I’ve got to hand it to designers who keep coming up with ingenious new ways to make something useful out of what otherwise might have ended up in a landfill somewhere. This furniture is all made from recycled items cleverly recreated into functional objects for the home. And aside from being earth-friendly, each item is quite beautiful, to boot.

Above, Emeco has teamed up with Coca-Cola to remake their iconic Navy Chair in 100% post-consumer product, or more specifically, 111 plastic Coke bottles. They come in six colors, and best of all, cost about half as much as they’re brushed aluminum counterparts.

If you’re on the hunt for outdoor furniture, these streamlined Adirondack chairs from DWR may fit the bill. Eight plastic milk jugs go into each pound of chair, making for a durable–and completely recyclable–final product.

The Timber Block Stool from VivaTerra is made out of recycled tree limbs that would otherwise have been left for waste. Use them as side tables or as easy-to-move additional seating around the home. The simple shape makes for a versatile piece that can be used a number of ways.

Brave Space’s Planar Bureau from 2Modern cuts a sleek and modern silhouette, and is made from 100% recycled MDF. Check out the dresser’s side view on the site: The push-to-open drawers undulate ever so slightly for added interest.

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