Banksy Blows Up SF Streets


Want to instantly up your home’s appraisal value by, oh, say half a million? If you live in San Francisco, you can start by crossing your fingers that famed London graffiti artist Banksy is eyeing your exterior walls to use as his canvas at this very moment. The notoriously reclusive talent seems to have hit up the City by the Bay, with new artwork in his signature style cropping up on buildings all over town. Of course speculating about the value added to a building from a genuine Banksy kind of misses the point of the art (satirized to brilliant effect in the piece above) , as a confessed real estate geek I simply couldn’t help myself.

So just how many official Banksy pieces have gone up? The number keeps changing, but SFist has the current tally at three. I did notice a Flickr group devoted to the artist’s work showing a few more though, and there’s another contested piece of unknown whereabouts listed below. So maybe we’re at six? If you’ve seen any of them or spotted new ones around town let us know below.

For locals or anyone visiting, here’s where to head–as of now–for a Banksy walking tour of the city:

(Plus one more at an unknown location.)



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