SF’s Little Paper Planes: Solving Mother’s Day Present Dilemmas


I was born on mothers day—and so am excused from the holiday with little more than a phone call.

This is what I joke about every mothers day when I send out my gift—which I alway try to make truly original and lovely and unexpected, because really, there is no way you are going to make up for all the trauma you caused your mother.

One of my favorite resources is littlepaperplanes.com a San Francisco–based online publishing company that carries small, mostly-as-of-yet undiscovered independent artists and designers, some straight out of art school.  Most of the pieces are hand-printed by the artist, signed and come in limited editions.  This lovely print (below) by Cortney Cassidy http://cortcort.com/ is screen printed and comes in different colors.  Its also fun to read the bios and interviews with these artists, and I have, admittedly, spent more than a little time on this website reading up on the artists and making wish lists.

We all know that a Mothers Day present should be highly personalized, which is another reason this site is so great.  I’ve been thinking about getting my mom this print by Blake Marquis (below, left), which would be so pretty framed in her  studio. And with my little sis’ birthday coming up as well I’m reminded of all the time we spent building forts and thought the adorable “In my hiding place” print by Justin Nelson (below, right) would be the perfect reminder.


While the bulk of the work could be considered graphic and edgy, because the site represents such a  large community of artists the work is stylistically diverse. There is truly something for everybody—and in everybody’s price range since most pieces range from $20–$100. Now that’s thoughtful.





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