Beautiful Birdhouses


I spend most of my time thinking up ways to feather my house–why not spend some of that energy on the other homes occupying my little slice of the world? No, I don’t have a family of squatters out back, and I doubt my neighbors would appreciate any unsolicited advice on their decor. I’m talking about those feathered friends that sing outside of my windows and nibble at my bird feeder. Because really, birds have enough work to do with all that migrating and mating calls. I’d like to help them in the home department by offering a little place to rest their heads when they stop by. Luckily, there’s a whole flock of good-looking birdhouse options out there. Here are my top picks:

A mod little abode that comes in six colors, for the discerning bird. Pitch Birdhouse for $68 from Loll

I want to make a little bird village out of these! So pretty; and the roofs are made of recycled teak. Bodega Birdhouses; $80 from Rare Device



Keep it real with a nest that looks the way Mother Nature intended. Round Rustic Birdhouse; $38 from Terrain


The birdhouses created by artists Luke Bartels and Jeff Canham at the Curiosity Shoppe are far too fabulous to leave outdoors, but they’re also too hilarious not to want in your home.

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