Chrysanthemum Spotting


We’ve got a while until chrysanthemum season actually starts (usually in the fall in California), but that hasn’t stopped me from spotting them all over the place. The cheerful flowers are at once delicate and massive, lending themselves well to intricate patterns of swirling, feather-like petals. Here, a few of the best chrysanthemum-inspired decor I’ve seen around the web lately:

Above, chrysanthemum wood block print by Keika Hasegawa; $175.

Indoor/outdoor rug with chrysanthemum pattern from Gumps, starting at $50.

Amy Butler tufted wool rug, available at Layla Grace from $108 and up.

Embroidered pillow cover; $20 from Etsy shop Kainkain.

Letterpress thank you cards from Hello!Lucky for $3.50

And should you like to cultivate your own, why not make it easy with a pack of seed bombs? The West Coast mix from Anthropologie contains garland chrysanthemum along with other local wildflowers, and costs only $6. Best of all, the pods need only be tossed into your yard to get things growing.

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