Our Last Showcase Sneak Peak: Furnishings from Coup d’Etat


An invaluable part of the designer’s storyboard is the details: finding the perfect chair or the ideal piece of art. Fortunately for the designers at Coup d’Etat Design, their own showroom contains enough contemporary and antique art and furnishings to easily and expertly fill five libraries.  Luckily, they only need to fill one. Their room for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase is a library they have named “Hall of Wisdom and Enlightenment,” and owner and lead designer Darin Geise’s  has selected rich and distinctive one-of-a-kind furnishings for the space. He shares a few of those pieces with us so we can begin to imagine the look of the final design.

To set the mood of the library as a space to absorb knowledge and make stylish discoveries, it will feature grand yet intimate furniture. The focal pieces are two persimmon-suede king chairs cocooned by large draping canopies.  The lustrous orange color will be repeated in the damask silk curtains hung over French windows.

Between the two chairs will be a dark-wood antique hydraulic table. 

A brown hide-bench will add subtle texture and contrast richly against the bright palette.

A custom 1920s Belgian-style, steel-framed bookcase will hide a mirrored wall and is filled with a small fortune’s worth of antique books.

Geise’s taste for small whimsical objects sourced from nature explains his choice of artwork: A framed collection of bird’s nest photographs taken by local photographer Sharon Beal. 

As if the design team hasn’t been busy enough racing to get the room finished before the media preview tomorrow morning (where we will be documenting the completed rooms, check back!), they also just opened their new showroom, Coup d’Etat Antiques & Industrials. It’s literally just steps from their old location, but it is three times the size—a necessary upgrade considering their ever expand collections.

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