Exploring LA through the Eyes of the Selby



Admit it: One of the best parts of design magazines is getting the opportunity to peer into the homes–and, by extension, lives–of all sorts of folks; it caters to the voyeur in all of us. But rarely do photo spreads show you the true nitty-gritty: Carpet stains, exercise balls, and unpacked boxes all magically disappear once the cameras arrive. And by cleaning up and keeping in check all those inevitabilities of life, a large part of the personality of the home may be lost. Of course, I don’t imagine most people buy glossies to have to look at carpet stains, so I’ll leave it to the blogs of the world to boldly go where no magazine has gone before. To wit, home interiors website the Selby.

Created by photographer Todd Selby, his eponymous site offers an extended glance into the homes of his friends… who just happen to be an array of fascinating creative individuals from around the world.

Of course I’m fixated on the section of the site devoted to Los Angeles interiors, where a familiar enough exterior can zoom off in myriad directions once you step through the front door. Here, a few of our favorites culled from the archives of the Selby.

Above, pared-down glamour and excellent color combinations abound in Matthew Eikelberger’s Silverlake home.

Aaron Rose, artist and director of Beautiful Losers, at home in LA.

A spot to lounge (and gaze at that impeccable hairstyle) in actress Krysten Ritter’s home.

Inside the gypsy-chic dressing room of artist Annakim Violette.


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