Design Details from the 2010 Decorator Showcase: Síol Studios


The children’s room designed by Síol Studios at this year’s Decorator Showcase was perfection. So much so in fact, that only non-parents (like me) probably think such a place can exist–there’s a designated area for artwork, a gaggle of instruments hanging excellently organized for the little tike to grab at will, lovely animal figurines posed just so, and everything’s low to the ground, made of wood, and absolutely beautiful. While I think some parents might pshaw this portrayal of a home with children, I still lapped it up. Adorable, I tell you!


(Sadly, this image does no justice to the space, but I couldn’t resist sharing the trio of bird lamps that hang above the play table.)

Love that all the hooks are at child’s level, but I have to take issue with the Heath ceramics vignette in the middle of the playroom. Not the smartest choice (especially in earthquake-prone SF), but everything is just too picture perfect to really hate on it much, especially considering this is a showcase home and no kids will be running around in there anytime soon.

But the best part of the room, in my humble opinion, is the little closet-turned-reading nook. Man, I wish I had one of these when I was a kid! The sloping floor and sides are covered in nubby carpet, just begging for someone to curl up in there with a good book.

Perhaps you can’t siphon off a spare 1000 square feet for a kid’s area in your home, but if there’s a closet somewhere that could serve a new purpose, why not turn it into the coolest indoor clubhouse around? No need to add the curved floor, just toss in a few throw pillows, a small area rug, and an easy to move light (which, by the way, can be handled without burning little hands), and you’ve got quite the cozy cubby.

*Resources and further information on this room can be found in the guidebook of the 2010 Decorator Showcase, available with purchase of entry.


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