Design Details from the 2010 Decorators Showcase: SagreraBrazil Design


I fell in love with SagreraBrazil Design’s little jewel box of a dressing suite at this year’s Decorator Showcase. It’s located just off of Will Wick’s “Guest Quarters at Mongibello”, and works as a lovely morsel of decadence to balance the adjoining room’s streamlined simplicity.

And what girl isn’t infatuated by the idea of having her own dressing room? You know, a little area of the house that you can decorate as all-out pretty as your heart desires without some dude insisting you keep it gender neutral. And that was perhaps the best part of “Le Suite”; it is without a doubt a feminine space, but rather than dripping it in pinks and ruffles, the designers didn’t succumb to cliché. The result? A chic, sophisticated space any lady (or enlightened man) would be lucky to have. 

Oh, and if you needed an example, this is how you do mirrored walls right.

A few fashionable shots in simple gold frames accented the room. Find similar photos by checking out the archives department at magazines like Vogue.

Here’s a close-up of the wallpaper, which truly makes the room.

No need to find a traditional vanity; a small table and mirror will work together just fine. And for small spaces, creative placement is key. Hanging your mirror in front of a window may seem counterintuitive for such a tiny room, but the natural glow filtering through the edges combined with the twin lamps offers plenty of light.

And should you need more, the sea anemone-like light fixtures hanging throughout the suite should do the trick.

A little bathroom off to the left of the dressing area keeps it classic in white and soft taupe. A few embellishments–pink soap, colorful glass, and a bouquet of vibrant flowers–are all the room needs to look polished and complete.

*Resources and further information on this room can be found in the guidebook of the 2010 Decorator Showcase, available with purchase of entry.

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