Design Details from the 2010 Decorators Showcase: Green Elements


Verdant plants and vibrant flowers abound in this year’s Decorator Showcase, bringing a bit of fresh, natural beauty to almost every room in the house. While the power a vase of bright blossoms has to spark up a room is lost on no one, I was more impressed by the unexpected green elements creatively added in and around the home.

One of my favorite spots in this year’s house was the small upstairs balcony designed by Kristie Kiggins of Philpotts and Associates. If you are a city dweller like me, no doubt you also feel some comfort in seeing that even a teeny-tiny outdoor space can look stylish and relaxing. A mix of containers holding drought-tolerant succulents surrounds two bright orange chairs (the color a nod to the Golden Gate Bridge in the distance) for an eclectic, bohemian look.

A ponytail palm tree makes any room a little happier, including the sumptuous kitchen designed by Hershon Hartley. If you live in the Bay Area, I’ve seen a good selection of them in all sizes at Sloat Garden Center in the Marina.

Directly off of the kitchen is a little balcony–the perfect spot for a home chef to keep his or her cooking garden. Each galvanized drum holds several types of fresh herbs conveniently situated for ease of plucking. If you’ve got limited garden space, try a similar layout in a window box or on a balcony–just make sure to group herbs by their watering needs.

And in Greg De Meza’s “Modernism Talks Back” bathroom, I was immediately drawn to this bouquet situated on a side table. Can you tell what’s inside? Here’s a close-up…

Vintage bingo balls! So graphic and fun! They fit the rest of the black and white decor (shown here) to a T.

*Resources and further information on this room can be found in the guidebook of the 2010 Decorator Showcase, available with purchase of entry.


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