Craft is Back (and we’re not talking about scrapbooks)


Hand-hewn, locally made and socially conscious, these pieces are already heirlooms.

Designers talk a lot about sustainability and for a long time the conversation was limited to materiality—specifically objects or finishes made from recycled materials.  Thankfully,  a new conversation is bubbling up to the mainstream as designers strive to make pieces that are crafted with an eye for detail and a steady hand that are intended to stick around for generations to come.

Here is a very abridged round-up of heirloom quality pieces that will stand the test of time:

First up is Palo Samko’s sigh-inducing pieces made from mostly reclaimed wood and including incredible butterfly joints *sigh* at almost every crack. 


Bronze Butterfly Table with claro walnut and three bronze butterflies*sigh*

Shepard’s Dining Table made from blackened reclaimed pine and steel. (You know…*sigh*)

Another splendid use of reclaimed materials and more butterfly joints (be still my heart!) comes from Los Angeles–based designer/maker Samuel Moyer:

One area always lacking in heirloom-quality craft is the kids’ corner. A category filled almost entirely with plastics, it’s more likely that Jimmy’s pint-sized furniture will end up at the Goodwill than passed on to new parents. Imagine if you had local furniture designer/maker Willem-Evett Miller’s child-size garden table (featured in the 2010 showcase house: Siol studio’s children’s garden) in the backyard? Made from cypress, using traditional joinery techniques, this little worktable will stand up to generations of use: Kids can pass on the lessons they learn (the unit has a built in copper vermiculture unit) as well as the table itself to their children.

A different but equally amazing take on heirloom-quality pieces comes from Egg Collective’s Simple table, designed to be packed flat and easily assembled (a la IKEA) but made from hardwood construction.


Also from Egg Collective are two of my favorite pieces ever.


I am truly in love with the Set table.

And these Stumped lights made from reclaimed sycamore and “miscellaneous” bulbs.


Essentially, quality is the new green. 





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