INSTUDIO: Interior Design for all Budgets


There’s something that separates San Francisco’s INSTUDIO from many other design firms out there. Maybe its their transparency in pricing–rates are laid out crystal-clear on their website–or the fact that they often use elements already in a client’s home to create an updated look while saving on costs.

Whatever it is, I like their no-nonsense approach. It makes it a lot less intimidating for people looking to take the plunge and hire an interior designer for the first time. Plus, their range of services accommodates all types of budgets.

Their newest service, INSTUDIO Online, will give you a color scheme, furniture suggestions, lighting, art ideas, and more for a cool $500 a room. You just provide measurements of the space and of furniture you wish to include in the design. It’s all done through email, making the whole process conveniently shaped to your own schedule.

Of course if you live in the Bay Area you can work with INSTUDIO principles Samuel Fleming Lewis and Stephen Kladder face-to-face too, with residential rates starting at $125 an hour.

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