Lights by tehrani baylis DESIGN


I’m planning a trip to Seattle in the coming months, and have already started spending way too much time thinking about where I’ll eat, shop, and visit during my stay. On a recent internet jaunt to gather info for my vacation I ran across Delancey, the pizza restaurant owned and operated by Molly Wizenberg, author of one of my favorite food blogs, Orangette,  and her husband Brandon.

I’d like to say I spent my time poring over the delicious menu, but really I didn’t get past the photos of the place. Much like Molly’s writing, the restaurant’s interior is uncomplicated and open; attention paid to the details reveals the sincerity behind the work, nostalgic elements give a nod to the past yet somehow the whole thing stays firmly grounded in the present. Basically, I loved it.

I had to do some digging to find out more about who designed the restaurant, but was rewarded for my diligence not only by discovering young firm tehrani baylis DESIGN, but finding out that they’re based in my very own San Francisco! Though their online portfolio might be on the slim side, I was able to  learn more about the fantastic lights that caught my eye in photos of Delancey.

Nowhere was the style of the space more exemplified than in the lights, and unlike many similar fixtures that can be found in high-end lighting stores, these are actually affordable.

The Jar Light is made from repurposed Weck canning jars, a classic silhouette that’s not only nice to look at but inexpensive and made of glass that can handle high heat.

Same goes for the Jug Light, which is made from–you guessed it–half-gallon glass laboratory jugs.

And you don’t need to hire tbD to design your space in order to get your hands on their lovely lighting fixtures. They’re now on sale through Supermarket for $185 and $170, respectively.

Delancey interior photo via My Ballard, all other images via tbD

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