Hanging Out in Hanging Chairs


Will Wick’s room at this year’s Decorator Showcase was all about kicking back and relaxing. But while the bed looked nice, I most wanted to take a load off by curling up in the room’s hanging chair. What better place to spend some time gazing out the window, occasionally letting a breeze rock you into a blissful nap? Ah, I’m getting relaxed just thinking of it. If you’re in the market for adding a similar perch to your own home, here are a few of my favorites. Most will work indoors or out.

Simple, straightforward design at a great price: Ikea’s Svinga hanging seat for $69.99

Perfect for creating your own little cocoon: Knotted Malati Hanging Chair from Anthropologie for $498

This chair from L.A.’s Niche home store is lovely, no doubt. My only question: What the heck is it hanging on to?

Want to make your own? Instructables has a DIY tutorial for making the hanging chair shown above from a recycled pallet.

And last but certainly not least, these divine leather loungers from Coup d’Etat. These are strictly just for indoor use, but wouldn’t it be fun to design a whole room around them? Not sure on the price, but my guess is if you have to ask…




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