Trend: Tripod Decor


This trend kind of hit me out of nowhere. Well, that’s not quite true; it actually hit me on the third floor of Crate & Barrel last week. I was picking up a few kitchen necessities, when somehow, I magically ended up knee-deep in furnishings–happens to me all the time. That’s where I slapped eyes on this beauty:

I’m not sure if this picture really does the lamp justice–it’s gorgeous. The base is solid brass with a bit of a patina. And the silhouette! Needless to say, it stuck with me. Pretty soon I realized I was seeing tripods all over the place…

Like in one of my all-time favorite plant stand designs, the retro-looking bullet planter show here. 

And in these little unglazed bowls with glossy, colorful interiors from Pigeon Toe Ceramics (also available at Rare Device and other stores across California).

Then this coffee table from Misewell crossed my path, and I realized a trend as afoot.

It’s not only got beautiful solid walnut features, the legs snap into the frame without necessitating any hardware–take that, crazy-hard to assemble flat-pack furniture! Available from A+R store.

Care to add any other tri-footed decorative items to this little roundup? Link ’em up in the comments below.

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