Kyle Bunting Debuts new furniture for Gump’s


I’d heard hide nor hair of Kyle Bunting’s colorful furniture collection until it showed up at Gump’s last Thursday.

You may be familiar with Kyle Bunting‘s geometric dyed-and-cut hide rugs – the ultra-luxurious patchwork designs have been a thing of beauty underfoot at showcase houses across the Bay for years now. Remember Jay Jeffers‘ glorious room at the Met Home showhouse last year?

While Bunting’s rugs are still repped locally by De Sousa Hughes, Gump’s partnered with the Texas (naturally) designer to design an art and furniture collection using his trademark hair-on-hide as the upholstery. The results, which were unveiled last Thursday at an in-store cocktail party, are remarkable.  The colors and textures of the rugs paired with high-gloss lacquer are now rendered in three-dimensional objects. The assemblage of the entire collection was nothing short of show-stopping. Here are some of my favorites. 



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