Rental Fix: Removable Wallpaper from Tempaper


I’ve found myself stuck in a bit of a design rut of late. And after rearranging furniture, collecting more paint swatches than colors in the rainbow, and spending more on home accessories than I’d care to admit, I’ve got little left in my design arsenal to kick this thing. What more can I do, short of moving out? Luckily I’ve got one last Ace up my sleeve–one that I never thought I’d be able to use in my little rental. It’s the taboo of I-don’t-own-my-home taboos: wallpaper.

But not to worry; I’m not giving up my rent deposit just yet. I’ve been scanning the selection from Tempaper at 2Modern instead. If the name didn’t give it away, Tempaper is a line of temporary wallpaper (get it?) made of vinyl coated self-adhesive. It can be removed and repositioned to suit your mood, so at the end of the day there are no angry landlords or botched hanging jobs to deal with.

But while the materials may be uber-modern, the styles are classically chic. Art Deco patterns, houndstooths, and botanical prints come in colorways both standard and contemporary, though, so there’s plenty to love for all styles of home.

I’m currently enamored of the Gio pattern shown above. It could be just what I need to end that decorating rut for good.

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