Inspired by Turquoise


It’s another rainy, gloomy day here in San Francisco, and these gray-blue skies show no sign of abating. Rather than get bogged down in the funk of bad weather, I’ve been cheering myself with interiors that prominently feature a hue on the other end of blue’s color spectrum: bright, pop-y turquoise. How can you not conjure up sunshine-filled skies when looking at this color? It’s like if the entire city of Palm Springs was captured in one hue. Here are a few of my favorite rooms that utilize turquoise, whether covering the walls or simply in an accent piece or two.

Hello, instant impact! Fully saturated, glossy walls from Kendall Wilkinson.

A fun, feminine bath from Marjorie Skouras, found in our Inspiration Rooms.

This room (also by Marjorie Skouras) is no shrinking violet to begin with, but the inclusion of those eye-popping chandeliers is like the cherry on top of a sweetly decadent dessert.

We all know turquoise and coral tones are a match made in Lilly Pulitzer heaven, but the duo can do more than just Palm Beach-preppy. Here, they add warmth and interest to this eclectic kitchen. The cute dog doesn’t hurt, either. Lajos Geenen via Desire to Inspire.

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