The Great Candle Debate


My boyfriend is a football-playing, beer-drinking, sports-watching kind of dude. A guy whose interests run towards the more stereotypically masculine end of the spectrum. A man’s man, if you will. Yet when it comes to candles, all bets are off. If it were up to him the house would be ablaze in a million flickering, waxy flames. And he’s not picky; Walgreens, the supermarket–he’ll pick them up from anywhere. I on the other hand, am a bit of a candle snob. One or two is all well and good, but only if they’re not filled with chemicals or smoke enough to set off the fire alarm. So I’ve been schooling him on the finer world of tapers and subtle scents. Beeswax? Yes. Piña colada flavor? No. And anything in a pretty holder works just fine. If he’s got to fill the house with them, these will do:

A candle and holder all in one! $70 from Burke Decor.

Set of six bamboo tea light holders, $19 from Branch.

Glassybabies come in every color in the rainbow, and emit a warm, subtle glow. $40 each from Glassbaby.

Add a dose of drama with this trio of red lacquer candlesticks. $125 from Gumps.

Designers are always accenting spaces with Dyptique candles, but for my money I prefer Tocca. They cost about half the price and, in my experience, burn just as long and have equally appealing scents. $36 from Barneys.

Are you for candles or against? If you love them, what are your faves?


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