High and Low: Beaded Chandeliers


Marjorie Skouras kind of took over my Turquoise Rooms post earlier this week with all her vibrant, color-soaked rooms. I loved every inch of them, but I haven’t stopped thinking of those chandeliers in particular. Need a refresher?

Yowza! Turns out they’re available on her website in a variety of colors, though I am partial to the turquoise and green. Here’s a close-up:


Sadly this one will set you back almost (gulp) $7k. I decided to do a little investigating and see if there was anything similar on the market for less. And…

Horchow, of all places, had me covered! The dim lighting makes me a little worried, but if you squint it looks about the same, right? And it’s on sale for $550. Why so much cheaper? Well, where the Skouras version uses real turquoise, this one relies on “expertly painted” wooden beads made to look like the real deal. I’m curious as to how the Horchow version looks in direct sunlight, but considering this chandelier is sold at a fraction of the price of the Skouras chandelier, I think it could be worth checking out.

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