Weekly Web Round Up!


Our weekly round up of what our design friends on the web are reporting on.


I got to spend the holidays in Medellin, Colombia this past winter, and besides getting to eat a lot of fried pig’s skin, I saw some incredible modern architecture. The once-deadly city has been transformed, in no small part to great design. Via PBS
I went on my own hunt about two years back for the perfect vintage rotary phone. After a few too many (and too pricey) ebay bids, I scooped up a mint-condition black rotary (forth down on the blog) for a mere $4 at a garage sale. Here are a host of pretty options, as well as direct links for where to buy. Via Remodelista 
Elle Decor breaks down the stunning interiors that star in the latest Sex and the City movie, from Carrie and Big’s kitchen to Samantha’s sleek office—even a peek into Candace Bushnell’s real-life pad. Via Elle Decor
The art market sure has rebounded. Following the record-breaking sale of a Picasso a month, last week more records were shattered at Los Angeles Modern Auction’s spring sale, including an Eames coat hook that almost tripled expectations and sold for $8,575. Via LATimes
And you thought their shoes were expensive. A Manhattan apartment owned by the Gucci family just hit the rental market. And while it’s a stunner, so is the monthly price tag: $60,000. Via MaterialGirlsBlog

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