Gwyneth Paltrow’s Loft Makeover


I may be alone on this, but I love me some Gwyneth P. True, she can be as haughty as all get out, and her weekly “lifestyle” newsletter GOOP (with its frequent detox cleanses and relationship advice) can cause a severe case of the eye rolls. But I still love it. Why? Well, aside from having a sick fascination with anyone touting a life of perfection (I’m looking at you, Martha!) I have to thank the girl for passing off the occasional pearl of wisdom. And last week’s email chronicling in acute detail the renovation of Lady Paltrow’s Nashville loft was just such an occasion. 

Atlanta-based stylist Annette Joseph overhauled the bare-boned two bedroom unit for GP and her family to use while she was in town filming. But what makes this remarkable is that the whole process was done in an unbelievable 10(!) days–a fraction of the average time for such a top-to-bottom reno. And while this story is set in the South, I was also happy to see that a lot of the furniture and home accessories found around the house can be picked up at retailers all over California–and aren’t priced an arm and a leg. Harvesting finds from Overstock to Bed, Bath and Beyond, with a hefty smattering of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture, Joseph was able to create a comfortable and chic home-away-from-home that takes some of the haute out of Gwyneth’s haughtiness. So if you’re trying to get a renovation up and running or are looking for a few pieces to swank up your home, you might find this GOOP refreshingly eye roll-free.



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