Farmhouse Chic: Barn Doors


I’ll admit, what with the caged lights from yesterday and my favorite larder from a few weeks back, I’m on an undeniable rustic kick of late. Maybe it’s the abundance of locally grown food at the farmers’ markets or the cute baby goats that dot the rolling hills of pasture outside of the city this time of year. Whatever it is, the charm of the farm is calling me, whether I’m contemplating canning, rooting in the soil, or looking to the rural life for decorating inspiration.

Today it’s pretty much as literal an interpretation as possible: barn doors. While most deride a person for leaving them open (example: “Were you raised in a barn?”), I can think of nothing more pleasant than gliding one open with the flip of a wrist and stepping out into the fresh air of a garden. 

Can’t you just feel the soft breeze drifting through?

I also like the look for separating rooms indoors. This glossy red door makes quite a statement against blond wood and white walls.

While here it softens the edges of sophisticated black and white.

Any way you slide it, these doors are just the right amount of rustic I’m craving. But I’ll take one of those baby goats too.

Images: Post and Beam Living; Bestor Architecture; Design for Men

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