Project H Trailer: Going…Gone!


Emily Pilloton, founder of Project H and author of the book Design Revolution, is not short on bright ideas. Instead of a typical book tour, the design activist tricked out a vintage Airstream trailer with 40 featured products from her book and took off on a 36-city, 75-day, 9500-mile cross-country roadtrip, stopping at schools along the way to talk about the importance of addressing humanitarian issues through design.

Most recently, upon returning to the Bay Area, she decided to auction off the 1972 trailer on eBay, complete with 30 of the 40 exhibition items. Emily sent me a link to the eBay page this morning, where bidding was kicked off at $5,000. Well, turns out even the blogosphere wasn’t quick enough for this one; by the time I checked back to start writing my blog the trailer was SOLD. The sale was scheduled to close June 11 unless someone forked over $15,000 for the “Buy Now” option. And fork they did.

Emily says she’s not sure who the eager beaver is, but she promised more details as soon as she finds out. Despite the swift sale, Pilloton, who’s become something of an Airstream aficionado, will not be left empty handed—just today she apparently rescued a 1958 model out of a nearby swamp and parked it in her backyard. Keep your eyes on eBay!

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