Trend: Caged Lights


While putting a light in a cage might in theory sound like something you’d see in a high-security prison, it can actually come out looking quite the opposite of institutional; with the right look, it’s a charming touch. And it’s a trend that’s all over the place lately. Here are a few favorites found around the web, including instructions for making your own on the cheap.

Anthropologie has several versions available right now, like the Mechanic’s Beacon Light, shown here. The style inspired Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore to make her own DIY version, at a fraction of the $148 price tag.

Isn’t it great? All it took was a metal basket she had lying around her house, an outlet cover, some spray paint, and a pendant light. Frankly, I kind of like it more than the ones by which it was inspired. You can recreate the look following Ashley’s step-by-step instructions here. Via Readymade

SF designer Anastasia Faiella sent along this image of the second floor kitchenette she created for this year’s Decorator Showcase. The lighting fixture was made from an antique laundry basket!

Similarly, this lighting fixture in the newly remodeled Smoking Goat Restaurant in San Diego is all about adding rustic charm. See more of the space at design*sponge.

And for a fresh feminine take, Danny Seo’s DIY is hard to beat. He made this lovely fixture with a stripped Ikea shade, chicken wire, and a bevy of birds from Michael’s. Too sweet.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Does a light need a shade or is a bit of wire just fine for a rustic-industrial look?

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