Playmountain Comes to L.A.’s Heath Ceramics


Heath Ceramics has undeniably spoiled us San Franciscans. Their factory, located just over the bridge in Sausalito, is always holding interesting artist workshops and big-time sales, and should we feel less ambitious, the new Ferry Building store means we don’t even need to leave the city for a little Heath fix. So when I read that Japanese design store Playmountain would be bringing their collection of modernly-styled but classically-made home accessories to the shop, I immediately planned to swing by. Then I saw the location: Los Angeles. Say what?

Yes, all you SoCal-ers can pop in to the Hollywood store anytime this summer between now and September 5th to peruse Playmountain’s carefully assembled selection of ceramics, handmade children’s toys, bags and more. So fine, L.A., as much as it pains me, you can have this one. But when it comes to those factory sales, all bets are off. Just sayin’.

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