The 8th virtue? Shopping.


Purchaser justification just got a whole lot easier.


Virtue is defined, most basically, as follows:

Pronunciation: ˈvər-(ˌ)chü

 A conformity to a standard of right; a particular moral excellence. Often it is thought to be more currently (aka wiki-defined) as thus: A virtue is a character trait or quality valued as being always good in and of itself.

My father’s example was this:
“Patience is a virtue—you can never have too much of it.”  This bit of wisdom was, of course, saddled onto my tween conscious during a 12-hour flight delay in Texas; its full weight didn’t register until much much later, but still, a nice simplistic version and one that fits with my new addition to the classic virtues: virtuous consumerism.  
Shopping for products that are locally designed and made (economics!), ecologically sensible (getting to live in a version of the future that has air and trees and such!),  and well made (your kids  get heirlooms!) is pretty virtuous. As part of San Francisco’s Design Week, THREAD will be showcasing more than 100 independant designers alongside (complimentary) food, art, entertainment and music for a one-day shopping extravaganza.   

And most exciting (considering your blog reading preferences) is that THREAD is adding a home section to the event this year, bringing independent houseware and furniture designers  into the fold. Yipee!
It’s all happening on June 19th at the Concourse Exhibition Center, beginning at 11:00 AM.  So get your virtuous self to the Thread site to buy tickets, $8 if you RSVP on their site or for $10, just show up in the flesh.

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