Choosing Art for the Kitchen


When’s the last time you wiped down the walls in your kitchen? If it’s been a while, you might be in for a surprise; things can get funky in there fast. Forget to turn on the hood once or twice, make a batch of fried chicken, and all of a sudden you’ve got a thin layer of cooking oil on there that attracts dust like flies to honey.

Which is why choosing art for the kitchen can be such a tough process. Do you go for filling the space with quality art that you love and just hope for the best, or keep the walls bare and ready at a moment’s notice for a scrubbing? I try to split the difference and stick to inexpensive framed prints, as it keeps the kitch looking semi-polished, and if anything happens to compromise the art I can easily replace it.

Peruse a few designer portfolios though, and it seems I’m in the minority; there’s often original artwork, like this piece shown in a kitchen designed by the talented Andre Rothblatt. It’s doing a knockout job of tying the room together, but I’ll admit I’m biting my nails over its placement so close to that stove. Am I being overly cautious, or do you guys consider the quality of your art before hanging it in the kitchen too? What kind of art situation do you have going on in your cooking space?

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