Lighting by Aqua Creations


There’s something otherworldly about the lighting installations fro Aqua Creations. Based in Tel Aviv, designer Ayala Serfaty uses intricately folded silk around metal to create shapes that resemble glowing jellyfish, bulbous sea anemone, and floating sea creatures the likes of which have never been seen–hence the name, I guess. 

Taken as a whole, the lights and furniture that make up the line can look rather Seussian (see the windows of their new flagship store in Tel Aviv), but individually there’s a sensual, sophisticated twist I can’t say I’d ever ascribe to the author.

Aqua Creations can be found in California at Unici Casa in Culver City and West Hollywood. And you can check out the full line–including the cozy looking furniture shown here–at the Aqua Creations website.

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