Garden Inspiration from Rose Story Farm


In need of a dose of garden inspiration this weekend? My little balcony is looking as sad as can be, but I have a feeling if I took a trip to Rose Story Farm in Carpinteria, CA it would be back to blooming in no time. How could a day in these lush gardens not motivate you to kick things up a notch in your own outdoor space? The dreamy vistas and sprays of colorful roses stretched far and wide feel like summer personified, and could make a hard-working city girl go gardener in no time. 

The 15-acre farm is open to tours on Wednesday and Saturday with advanced reservations. You can also take a piece of the beauty home with you via one of their lovely rose-filled floral arrangements.

See more of Rose Story Farm on their website, or check out A Creative Mint for more shots of the gorgeous garden.

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