Martha Stewart Hits Home Depot


The thing about Martha is this: She’s good, and like Cher, she doesn’t even really need a last name anymore.  And as much as a lot of people love to hate Martha Stewart you can’t deny the style.  

You’re trying to deny it.  I know.  

But you also know—deep down—that most successful Christmas wreaths and party ‘favors’ are courtesy of Martha and her empire—and please—lets not even get into how most of us would pull off something like crystallized candied edible flowers (seriously) without her. 

With that in mind let’s move on to the part about how Martha Stewart is available at Home Depot.

Martha is bringing it to the often-feared, much-loathed and sometimes-savior of a hardware superstore with a selection of rugs, patio furniture, home organization, green cleaning supplies and paint (watch out Ralph Lauren). I think the rugs nicely sum up the success with a little something for everyone.






If you imagine the Home Depot being dug up in thousands of years, the archeologists of the future will have a perfect reference map of generalized character evidences: “Warm modernism with touches of graphic elements was embraced mostly by young urban professionals between the ages of 25–40.  From what we know this large enclosure was perhaps a great hall or meeting place where people, mostly men would come to exchange semi-confrontational and often passive-aggressive advice.”  

But seriously, these rugs look great, and they come with a fantastic price tag.  Alongside Ikea, Martha Stewart and Home Depot have just added a standby that’s likely to get a lot of use. 



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