Looking to Fall with West Elm


Is it wrong to be contemplating fall when we’ve yet to even step foot into summer? If so, I’m afraid I can’t help it. Ever since junior high and the ritual of picking out a new backpack and school clothes, fall has held a sense of design renewal to me. Now instead of books and pens I’m looking toward new releases from my favorite home stores for a fresh update for the (middle of the) year. Usually I have to wait until summer’s coming to a close, but with West Elm’s recently released preview of their fall 2010 collection, we can all get a little early taste of what’s to come. And may I say, it’s quite yummy.

Seems things over there are trending away from bright whites matched with pop-y color, and more towards a richer, sophisticated look. I must say, I’m thrilled with the new aesthetic.

All the dark wall colors are making me want to bust out the paintbrush and envelope my space in deep hues.

Above: Organic Seedling bedding


And I’ve got to give props to West Elm for all the wonderful collaborations they’ve been coming up with lately. This season it was Patch NYC, and for fall they’ve paired with artist Mike Miller for a series of silhouette-filled prints and pillows. I’m particularly fond of the framed Silhouette Group print above.

But it looks like the store might be keeping at least a few aces up their sleeve for the actual start of fall. While the Chevron Window Panels shown here are available now, I couldn’t find hide or hair of a mention on the pitch-perfect desk shown in the foreground. I can’t imagine a furniture store using someone else’s desk to style a shot, so perhaps it will be out later this year? I’ll be biding my time this summer in hopes that that’s so.

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