Felt is Fabulous!


Let’s just start with what we know about felt. Felt can be less than designed at times, but it can also be amazing.  Here is a little collection of some incredible felt creations.


Felted stones! Yes please.  I love these soft rocks, they are so playful and fun and though I have never had the opportunity to lounge about on them, feel as if it would be easily done. Similar ones are available at Viva Terra.





Now for a felt creation that mimics something a whole lot softer than stone.  Aqua creation has made a series of hand felted lights that are inspired by some ephemeral sea creatures—and not the kind you want to bump into during an ocean frolic.




These ottomans are pure fantasy and would add a whimisical and delicate touch to a modern interior. You can snag one of your own from modern dose.



I’ve never really felt  like this for a  material before; the range is stunning and for a material that is often relegated to kindegarten craft time, designers are really making the most of it. 








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