Maybeck House from BCV Architects


So often architectural gems get torn down and replaced by the latest design fad, only to have the new structure look dated in a matter of years. It’s always a pleasure to see projects that don’t wipe away all traces of the past. Luckily, San Francisco architecture firm Baldauf Catton Von Eckartsberg (that’s BCV for short) feels the same. When the opportunity arose to renovate a Bernard Maybeck house in Palo Alto dating back to 1899, BCV took the reins, making sure to maintain the distinctive characteristics of the home.

Here’s a look at the original property:

And after BCV’s renovation:

The gambrel roof over the front porch (for which the property, the “Sunbonnet”, got its name) is restored to its original condition, while new modifications remain faithful to Maybeck’s style. To see more of the renovation including the interior of the home, click here.

Images: BCV Architects

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