Paper me pretty


I was so inspired by the amazing (and unconventional) design work being done in felt and the range that was being shown with a single material, I decided to do a little round up of paper art and design. 


One of my favorite artists is paper-cut artist, Peter Callesen.  His work blows me away, and from crawling around on his website I have decided that he is a delightful, eccentric genius. Please keep in mind that these are all made of paper.





Studio MS has created a sweetly clever book/paper light that you can fold away and return to the shelf when you are done.


The folks at Molo Design have created what could be an entire living room suite out of paper.  The furniture boasts structural integrity that fully accomodates lounging while their cloud softlights are absolutely heavenly.



Another of my favorite artists is  Tara Donovan who is—in a word—unbelievable.  Using a single, everyday object and glue, this woman constructs some of the most geological, wonderous work I have ever seen.  Here are a couple in paper and one in styrofoam (I know it’s a paper post, but you’ll forgive me when you see)

Paper plates.


Ripped Tar Paper.

Styrofoam cups.




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