Tile, Then and Now


Their is sooooo much tile in the world, and I guess that makes sense considering its  been around for a pretty long while. According to the Wiki universe, fired roof tiles have been found that date back the the 3rd millennium BC.  If your not a ‘dates’ person, try these keywords on for size: ‘Mycenaean’ or ‘archaic Greek.’ (See, your Art History teacher was right! It is useful!)


Well—considering all of that—heres a very very brief roundup of tile that would make three different design types very happy. 


For the modernist who appreciates a little texture now and then:

Check out this very cool, handmade tile from ModCraft in Brooklyn.  Available at Filmore Clark in West Hollywood.




For the Green Team:

Available at Straws, Sticks and Bricks—these ecologically friendly versions have serious sustainablity bragging rights.

First up are ‘Slate-ish’ tiles, which are made from post-industrial recycled FSC certified paper material….WHAAA? Yep, and they can go in the bathroom.


And then—a new twist on the always reliable recycled tile: Shown here—recycled brass tile, also from Straws, Sticks and Bricks.


For the whimsical traditionalist:

Artistic Tile gets serious cred. for using the latest technologies to defy the laws of hard cold stone.  Eat your heart out Michelangelo.

And again, this time with perfect circles.






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