Big Style, Little Kids: The Importance of Well-Designed Kids’ Spaces


This past weekend I headed down to L.A. to see my unbelievably adorable two-year-old goddaughter, Sofia, and one of my very best friends, Barbara, who also happens to be Sofia’s seven-months-pregnant mama. I spent countless hours on the floor, reading books, making plastic horses jump over fences and leading Sofia in baby yoga sessions. I also learned a thing or two about the importance of a well-designed children’s space. Unlike a grown-up room, the floor is where you’re likely to lounge, storage needs to be simple, low to the ground and easily accessible and there should always, always be a trash can nearby.

In that spirit, we’ve just added dozens of baby and children’s room designs to our inspiration-room gallery at Browse for ideas on color palettes (apparently gray is the new pink and blue), flooring options (Flor tiles seem to be the favorite for being so easy to clean) and ingenious furniture design (changing tables that fold out of the wall and rocker/sleeper convertibles). And until I’ve got a baby room of my own to design, I know someone who’s going to need a few good baby-room gifts in the near future. (Miss you guys already!)

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