Outdoor Dining Essentials


Sharing a meal al fresco is one of the best parts of summer. The smell of the grill, a light warm breeze, the sound of crickets happily chirping in the distance; it’s all the quintessential aspects of the season rolled into one. But that “at one with nature” feeling is immediately spoiled when you get up to dump everyone’s used paper plates and napkins into the trash. Hear those crickets? They’ve switched to a mournful dirge.  Instead, elevate your outdoor dining experience with reusable–and really pretty–tableware. Below, a few personal faves:

Colorful light cotton napkins from Madeline Weinrib, available at Lotus Bleu for $24 a pair. Love the chevron pattern, and they look oh so soft.

These floral plates and trays are made of light-weight enamel, meaning they’re easy to carry on a picnic and won’t break along the way. $32 for the tray, $52 for a set of four plates from Viva Terra.

Transport a refreshing cocktail or agua fresca in recycled glass bottles from Sundance. They’re $20, but you can find similar ones at Ikea for an insane $2.99.

What are you using to keep your outdoor meals eco-friendly and chic?

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