Chic Pet Paraphernalia from Cheengoo


My current apartment doesn’t allow dogs, so in truth I’ve got no business trolling pet stores. But what can I say? I’ve been bit by the dog bug (not fleas, I promise) and am seriously pining for one of my own.

Since casual trips to the shelter could only lead to me coming home with a pooch and subsequently being booted from said home, I’ll have to stick to gazing longingly at pet accessories instead. And as luck would have it, San Francisco has a vast array of chic doggy boutiques. Cheengoo on Union at Fillmore is one of my top picks, and they’ve got a website with plenty of pet-friendly products should you live outside the city.

I’m crazy for these Yum bowls designed by Karim Rashid. Don’t they feel kind of Eva Zeisel for the four-legged set?

The last time I had a dog, pet beds were almost exclusively sold in funky patterns or came from L.L. Bean (or both). My, how times have changed. This pillow bed comes in an Orla-esque pattern that I love, and is available in a range of sizes to suit your furry friend.

And cat fanciers, I haven’t forgotten you. Cheengoo has plenty of fun stuff for felines, but my favorite by far is this futuristic pod. Who wouldn’t want to curl up in there? Sadly, it doesn’t come in human sizes, or I’d be writing this from one right now. Pretty sure there’s no clause in my lease against that.

Link via Shelterrific

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