Geometry Class


Who knew that all those triangles could be so much fun? Here are a few ways to incorporate geometry into your life sans any baffling equations.


People will be asking for folding directions in this stunning dress from Sandra Backlund.


For the less fashionably adventurous, a lovely piece for the house might do.  First up is a design that breaks the bounds of common material usages.  Created by designer Elisa Stroyzk, the rug is made from wood veneer bonded to a textile backing. Hard surfaces and fluid movement come together in this inspiring design.   



For a more subdued statement try Suzanne Sharps Chiesa Neutral, available at the Rug Company. 

Chiesa Neutral by Suzanne Sharp | Tibetan Wool Rug

Hopefully your updating something and you need tile because Dwell Studio and Heath Ceramics have come together to create a power couple that is making me swoon and swoon and swoon. Here are some of the beautiful and fun designs from that union:

And you don’t think we’d forget the kids do you? Now, thanks to architect Nicola Enrico Stäubli you and the kids can make some awesome designer quality furniture at home—from cardboard.  Smart, fun and seriously adorable, download the patterns here.

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