Graphic Goodness from Emilia Ceramics


Chevron, zigzag, whatever you call the pattern, it’s been quite the decorating trend over the past year. But while the high-contrast, high impact style is the best kind of graphic good, you’ve got to use it somewhat sparingly to avoid causing a seizure. At most a rug or wall, at least a few accessories covered in the pattern, and you’re good to go. Take these decorative pieces from Emilia Ceramics:

The San Francisco company sources handmade pieces from around the world, but the work I’m most interested in is from Mexican design group Talavera Vázquez.

Aren’t they striking? Talavera hand-paints their chevron pattern on ginger jars, vases, even lamps, and almost all come in black, burnt orange, and blue. If the zigzags aren’t quite your thing, they’ve also got stripes and more traditional ceramic designs. Check ’em out here.

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